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The law cannot be overstepped by the former law. It is extremely fair

How do lawyers charge for labor disputes in Beijing
Due to the different charging standards for handling labor dispute cases in different industries and regions, let's look at how Beijing labor dispute lawyers charge as explained by lawyers from Hengli Law Firm:
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Analysis of property during marriage in civil code
The relationship between husband and wife has always been the topic of our discussion. If there is a divorce, how should the property in the marriage be distributed? Let's take a look at whether the existence of conjugal relationship in the Civil Code can be analyzed?
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How to protect women's right of residence after divorce
At present, there is a contradiction between the imperfect social guarantee mechanism and the poor people in terms of the harmony required by the principle reform and practice of residence in China. Therefore, the state and the government should introduce relevant policies as soon as possible in the change of residence principle to ensure that divorced women enjoy the right to life and residence in accordance with the law.
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What should be paid attention to when applying for labor arbitration in case of labor dispute
The issues that should be paid attention to when requesting a labor ruling are: At the top of the list, we should pay attention to writing a good statement. 1. The identity of the parties, including the name, age, sex, work unit, address and position of the employee, the name and address of the employer and the name and position of the legal representative;
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How to deal with labor disputes with employers
The following methods can be adopted in case of labor disputes with employers
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If parents have a criminal record, will it affect their children?
Because the criminal law of our country implements the principle of self-responsibility and confrontation, from the perspective of laws and regulations, children do not have to bear the responsibility of laws and regulations.
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