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Financial Market Department

Detailed introduction

The Financial Market Department of Beijing Hengli Law Firm has been focusing on financial dispute cases for 12 years and has rich experience in helping customers enter the emerging financial service field.
The scope of legal services of the Financial Market Department covers the daily management and operation of domestic and foreign financial institutions, and related businesses such as deposit and loan, financing, bills, bonds, trust and leasing. It also provides perennial or special legal advisory services for several commercial banks and non-bank financial institutions. It has established a series of standard service models, including general credit, bilateral loans, syndicated loans, secured and unsecured loans, It can also provide relevant legal opinions and design financing and other project structures.

The services of the Financial Market Department mainly include:
1. Bank compliance
2. Project financing
3. Aircraft and ship leasing and financing
4. Commercial loans and syndicated loans, credit or mortgage loans
5. The establishment of banking, insurance, securities and other financial institutions, and the establishment, issuance and listing of funds
6. Disposal of non-performing assets and debt restructuring
7. Import and export credit
8. Asset securitization
9. Financial derivatives transactions
10. Legal affairs related to bills and letters of credit, issuance and additional issuance and listing of securities, equity or asset replacement
11. Insurance compliance review, insurance litigation, share transfer, regulatory consultation, etc



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