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Civil and Commercial Litigation Department

Detailed introduction

Beijing Civil Litigation Lawyer - Hengli Civil and Commercial Litigation Department is mainly responsible for: in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the parties, accepting the entrustment, acting as the agent of the parties in civil and economic cases, participating in the first, second and retrial proceedings, and representing the parties' appeals and retrials, such as:

1. Divorce litigation, inheritance, adoption, separation and other civil actions of marriage and family;
2. Loan disputes between citizens, bank loans, real estate mortgages, car mortgages, deposit certificate mortgages, guarantees, mortgages, pledges, pledges and other disputes, loan disputes between enterprises, entrusted loan disputes, trust, financial leasing disputes, letters of credit, credit cards, bills of exchange, checks, promissory notes, insurance and other legal disputes litigation;
3. Civil disputes such as project settlement, contract disputes, cooperative development, joint venture, enterprise bankruptcy and liquidation;
4. Disputes over commercial housing sales, automobile sales, industrial product sales contracts and other sales contract disputes caused by unfair competition.

The Civil and Commercial Litigation Department is one of the business departments established by Beijing Hengli Law Firm. It brings together a large number of lawyers from all over the country with experience in many industries. They represent a large number of civil and commercial cases with influence at home and abroad, of which major and difficult cases account for a high proportion, and have a wide impact in the legal community and all sectors of society. Some cases have been included in relevant legal books.
scope of business:
● Commercial arbitration
● All kinds of contract disputes, tort disputes, ownership disputes, unjust enrichment, and causeless management disputes
● Marriage and family disputes, inheritance disputes
● Cases heard by special procedures (such as voter qualification cases, public summons, etc.)
● Labor dispute cases
● Administrative reconsideration, administrative litigation, state compensation
● Insurance disputes
● Bill disputes



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>Traffic accident disputes
>Inheritance disputes
>Marriage and family disputes
>Real right dispute
>Company share dispute

>Contract disputes
>Criminal defence
>Intellectual property protection
>Labor disputes
>Intentional injury